Who We Are

Restoration Movement

The Liberty Church of Christ is a non-denominational church, which means we are an independent congregation that makes its own decisions. The Restoration Movement (also known as the American Restoration Movement or the Stone-Campbell Movement) is a Christians movement that began on the Unites States frontier during the Second Great Awakening. The pioneers of this movement were seeking to reform the church from within and sought the unification of all Christians in a single body patterned after the church of the Bible. We use the Bible as our guide for how we conduct our church and our lives.


The Liberty Church of Christ is not a new group.  We have been worshiping and serving here in Liberty since 1869. Being a good neighbor to our community is important to us. We have supported Little League baseball teams, the Community Blood Center, the 4C’s, Christmas toy giveaways, and Christmas in our hometown. Every week we try to provide a place where believers in Jesus can grow and find a way to put their faith into action.  It is a place where you will be welcomed, uplifted and encouraged.


David Soper – Senior Minister
Tim Kelley – Associate Minister
Nick Tharp – Elder
Tom Wildman – Elder
Dave Wheeler – Elder
Adrianna Stang – Secretary